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"Dynamo Careers has an incredibly smart, strategic, and clearly laid out process. I learned so many tips and techniques I hadn't even thought about before. I am now making $66,000 more per year, and that isn't even including the renegotiations my new employer agreed to do again 6 months after starting my new job. Sonja ensured I stayed true to my pre-defined career strategy. My job search and interviews were always focused on the right types of jobs, and when I found the position that I am moving into now - I was blown away! It has been a pleasure working with Sonja and the entire Dynamo Careers team. I can't tell you how much this process has changed my family's life. I got the job right before the holidays and it made our holiday season so much brighter. "

West Keller
Program Manager

Learn how to land your next career move



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