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If at any point in time you decide to move forward with one of our other career coaching packages, we will deduct your investment in this call towards your future packages. This is the best way to get all your questions answered and customized recommendations just for you!  

At the end of our call, if (and only if) you are interested in learning more, I’ll provide suggestions for how we might continue working together to help you achieve your goals. And then you get to decide if you’re ready to optimize your career. No pressure; no push.

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"What made me happiest working with Dynamo Careers was I could feel myself gaining confidence week by week!

At the beginning, I thought, who jumps into something new mid-career? I had been trying to shift my career on my own, but wasn't getting any traction. It was really despairing.

Sonja helped me realize the best career direction for me, and then showed me how to apply my existing skills so I could change roles. I then learned how to market myself and and talk about my skills in a meaningful and applicable way, and how to reach the people that I needed to reach. Then I started getting interviews, and I was more than prepared. I had good answers to the questions that I knew would be coming. I was able to show up and be real. I wasn't nervous and I actually had fun. I noticed a huge difference from day one. I had a coach in my corner who was telling me, yes, you can and you will. And you know what? I did!! 

She helped me find a job with a perfect company. I could not be more passionate about the people I work with and their vision. I look forward to going to work every day! AND... I now make $50,000 more per year than I was previously making and I can earn up to a 50% bonus each year as well. I also gained 2 additional certifications within the last nine months of starting my new job. Sonja also showed me how to negotiate with my employer to get them to pay for it. 

This is a brand new adventure. I've met amazing people. I feel like I'm doing work that is noticed and truly impactful for my clients. This whole process has been incredibly fulfilling!!" 

- Jennifer Wirrick, Management Consultant



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