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Dynamo Client Success Stories

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Kaitlin E Schrup
GIS Analyst, City of Seattle

"I highly recommend Sonja’s career consulting services. Before working with Sonja it was frustrating searching for a new position. Sonja’s services helped me regain my confidence to land a job I truly love with a 33% pay increase. I am now working with an organization that I actually care about making an additional $20k+ per year. My new resume made a huge difference in my job search. I started getting call backs immediately after using my new resume. Sonja’s LinkedIn Revamp actually started having LinkedIn work for me. It used to be an unknown social media platform, but now recruiters are pursuing me for positions that excite me.I had no idea how to negotiate before. This time I had the perfect salary negotiation strategy and was able to negotiate an a schedule to fit my professional and personal needs. Again, I highly recommend Sonja and her services. Thank you!"

George Rushin
Senior Manager, 
AG Consulting Partners

"Dynamo Careers exceeded my expectations by $50,000. Before working with Sonja, I was more than ready to make a change, but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do. I was contemplating staying in big five consulting until I became a partner, but it wasn't what I wanted to do, and I was not clear on how to go about doing something else. In talking to Sonja during our very first meeting, it was evident that her work was both data and heart driven. It was clear we were going to not just find me a new job, but figure out what I actually wanted to do. In addition to finding something that I would love doing, we focused on how I could get paid well to do it. Sonja went above and beyond and provided a lot of advice and context to many different aspects of the job market and advancement opportunities that I don't think I could have gotten anywhere else. This is an investment I would make a hundred times over. I ended up 2x my salary, which I can't possibly imagine having done on my own. It was well worth every penny!"

Julie Fisk
Senior Change Manager, Starbucks

"To be an effective career coach, you really have to be more of a life coach--and Sonja completely fits that bill. I can honestly say that she's made me see myself in a new light. From helping me discover my true career calling to transforming my fluffy resume into a killer tool for professional advancement, Sonja's expertise has been worth every dime. In fact, after working with her for only a short while, I landed a job at a Fortune 500 company making $99,000 more per year --yes, really. I went from the state of despair at the thought of another day at my old job to feeling energized about a career that I am super proud of. I'm extremely grateful to Sonja for her dedication to my professional development. She has even provided invaluable mentorship and ongoing career support after I started my new job. I cannot recommend her enough. Hire her! She's like the Fairy Godmother of the career world."

Jonnie Halstead
Senior Director of Business Development, SHW 

“I finally achieved my goal of landing a senior leadership role with a company I really want to help grow! I had been searching for 9-10 months prior to contacting Dynamo Careers. I had just moved from Sydney and was having some challenges breaking into the Seattle job market. Sonja's background in executive coaching was a real draw card and it helped elevate my professionalism. Sonja provided many extra little tips and tricks and polishes to get me in the door and to really nail the interview and, and the negotiation process. I achieved the highest title that I aimed for, a compensation package with an attractive base, great benefits, and a wonderful sign on bonus. I now have all of this as my foundation to move forward in my career. If you have high aspirations for the next big step in your career, you should be thinking of yourself as a performance athlete who needs a coach. And Sonja’s experience speaks for itself, especially with what she's helped me to achieve.”

Jennifer Wirrick
Slalom Consulting

"A few years ago I began having the nagging feeling that my career had hit a dead end. I'd climbed the ladder but no longer found joy in my work, was on the road 8-9 months out of the year, and had lost the drive to succeed that I'd once had. Thanks to Sonja's professional insight, coaching and strategies, I was able to completely reinvent my career and landed my dream job with a company I truly love. What initially felt like a steep investment has paid off in huge strides. It was worth every penny and way more. I can confidently say I wouldn't have achieved any this without her. I'm excited for the future, it's brighter than ever."

Principal Software Engineer,
A Top Tech Company

"Sonja helped me realized my true worth (which is a lot more than I previously thought)!! I was mostly happy in my job, but wanted to accelerate my leadership and income potential. I’m a highly accomplished professional, but had been yearning for a better opportunity for several years. Sonja helped me realize I actually wanted to stay with my current organization, but through getting another offer somewhere else, I was able to be more aggressive in negotiating my compensation with my current organization. Because of this coaching process, it also set me up for a promotion just a few short months later where I received another substantial pay increase and also gained the additional scope of work I desired to accelerate my leadership capabilities. Thanks Sonja!"

Laura Kingston
Learning Consultant 
South Seattle College

"The “Before and After” of working with Dynamo Careers is a night and day difference! Before I was unhappy in my career. Work was taking up too much time and space in my life. Now, I have a high level of work satisfaction! My professional bucket is much more full and I'm able to expand and grow in a way that that just wasn’t possible in my old job. Sonja asks really deep, insightful questions. She is an active listener and is genuinely invested in helping you find the next professional step (whatever that might look like). Her gentle, yet assertive guidance forced me to get clear in my career direction. She’s not just a Career Coach, she is a true subject matter expert. She has a ton of professional experience herself, so she really knows her stuff. She has gone through major career transitions herself, so she knows firsthand what it takes to make a huge career change. I am now in a position that feels exactly right…and I know I would've gotten here if I hadn’t have hired them. The investment paid off 300% more than I initially expected (both financially and professionally)."

Tami Galili
Group Facilitator

"I am starting my third career after years of motherhood. I thought of looking for a job, and hired Sonja to help me with it after experiencing a disappointment from an East Coast resume writing firm. From the first video call, I knew that I'd get value. I believe I presented a challenge in many ways - my years out of the work market, my age, my skills which didn't easily match job descriptions. Sonja, while acknowledging those challenges, was positive and encouraging. She was extremely methodical, attentive and at the same time flexible. At one point I attended a conference and realized after the first day that I wasn't prepared with a good answer to the question "what do you do?". I contacted Sonja asking for an urgent advice. She sent me a recorded response that was quick, insightful and extremely helpful. The positive shift in the responses I got after applying her advice was so sharp it was almost unbelievable. I could see that people reacted with immense appreciation and respect to what I said. After the conference, I shared my insights with Sonja, including my realization that it was very important to me to follow my own vision. Sonja commented that in any job I would be following someone else's vision. This comment helped me realize that I wanted to start my own business right away instead of looking for a job first. When I told Sonja, she was surprised but unfazed. She couldn't be more flexible and accommodating while our coaching relationship changed course in such a profound way. She tailored her package to suit my new needs and became my business coach. Every session with her was incredibly valuable, so much that I transcribed them in full. I recommend you do the same. Sonja, you definitely found your calling. Thank you for everything. I'm starting my new career with a lot more confidence and knowledge than I had before. Bottom line: yes, I warmly recommend you hire Sonja if you want to fulfill your career potential."

Michael Cohen
Mechanical Design Manager 
Terra Power

"I sent Sonja my current resume and she followed it up with a conversation regarding my experience and career interests. Without knowing much about the specific industry in which I work, she was able to transform my resume into one that highlighted the skills and experience that were most important to the particular job description. The resume was laid out so that I could easily re-organize it and communicate specifc skills for various job postings. Her recommendations helped my resume to get the attention of the right people. I had tangible results with interview requests the first two times I used it -- resulting in a job offer."

Brian Kruse
Senior Program Manager, Amazon

"Working with Dynamo Careers I landed a job I truly love with a very significant pay increase! I am working inside an organization that will dramatically alter the future trajectory of my career. My new resume made a huge difference in my job search. I started getting call backs immediately after using my new resume. I had previously been looking for 8 months with little to no results, I landed this job 3 months after working with Dynamo Careers. Sonja’s style is so great. She's supportive, fun, sees the best in you and is a knowledgeable coach who helps you get the job you want!"

Kali Kardas
Communications Manager,
McKenzie River Trust

"After applying for dozens of jobs and a series of failed interviews, I worked with Sonja with two goals in mind: increase my salary by $10,000 and find a job where I could seize more growth opportunity. Using the resume she wrote for me, and incorporating her strategies for job applications and salary negotiation, I did exactly that! Sonja also worked with me on building my confidence and finding clarity about what kind of position I wanted and which skills and accomplishments were the most valuable.  Now I am in a higher level position managing a large marketing budget, with the chance to build my own team from scratch. I am much happier and less stressed and overwhelmed. My work with her paid for itself within 6 months, I highly recommend the investment in yourself."

Tanner Cannon
Business Development Manager, Amazon

"Through working with Dynamo Careers, I was able to successfully land a job in the US after working in Asia for almost 4 years. Before working with Sonja, my job search strategies and resume were not getting me much success. Using the tools, advice, and resume help that Sonja was able to offer, I landed a job back in the US with an almost 10% pay increase and multiple benefits. Dynamo careers is not just a resume service, but offers a comprehensive package including, resume assistance, networking advice, negotiation strategy, and much more. I highly recommend AT LEAST having a chat with Sonja to discuss your personal career needs."

Daniel Thomson
TV Producer

"I sought Sonja's expertise to help me understand how to get the job I wanted and the salary I desired. I now make $30 an hour more than before I contracted Dynamo Careers. After working with Sonja, I gained a new found confidence in myself and my experience as a professional. Prior to engaging Dynamo Careers, I had only ever held minimum wage, hourly positions. Then after applying to jobs for four months and no prospects, I believed I would never get out and above. Sonja's style of coaching eased the burden of doing it all by myself and supported me during those extreme moments of self-doubt. At the time of this writing, I am still actively searching for full-time employment but I'm no longer daunted by the task. Using the tools and tactics I learned from Dynamo Careers I realized I should increase my freelance rate by $30 an hour. At first, I worried this would make me less appealing to clients but I've secured more sub-contracts than ever before. Dynamo Careers sets you up with a cornucopia of tools and tactics to prepare you for securing the job you want. The icing on the cake is just how good you feel about yourself and what you have to offer once you complete the work. This is a coaching partnership built on a high level of trust right from the start. I knew Sonja was always in my corner with a constructive intention; She only builds you up and never tears you down."

Amber Miller
Customer Operations
True Blue

"Dynamo Careers is a worthwhile investment. Before working with Sonja I was at the point of being willing to take any job and was questioning my value in the career field I had chosen. After 1 call I had more clarity on the path to get to my dream job. I now have more confidence in interviewing, and confidence to ask for more money than what was initially offered. Not only did I get the job, I am clear of the value I bring and how to have employers see that."

Tony Scartozzi
Business Analyst

"After Sonja worked with my profile, LinkedIn actually started working for me. It used to be an unknown social media platform, but now recruiters are pursuing me for positions that excite me. I had no idea how to negotiate before. This time I had the perfect salary negotiation strategy and was able to negotiate an additional $4,000/yr by simply asking a few smart questions. And this was on top of the $45,000/yr increase I managed with ONE job jump. My investment in Sonja paid for itself within months."

Amy Johnson
Claims Coordinator

"The time had come for me to find a full- time job, I turned my sights to Sonja Price, career coach. Sonja helped me set my sights clear on career goals, personal ambitions, and finding my overall life purpose. We focused on making my resume clear, concise, and professional; targeting key words and important skills needed to land a professional job. Sonja coached me in interview mock scenarios; which increased my self- confidence and approach to interviews styles, questions, and using pay rate negotiation tactics.As a result, Sonja's coaching sessions aided me in focus and clarity on my job hunt and she helped me build professional skills needed not only in finding a job but in my overall career and life goals."

Travis Hyde
Trainer / Instructional Designer

"After working with Dynamo Careers, I made an extremely sharp turn in my career for the better. I landed a good job in a great industry and I know my new resume and cover letter significantly factored into the decision. I had been struggling for almost a year to land a full-time role in my new field, and immediately saw results with Sonja and Dynamo Career resources. Sonja’s style is world-class, she was patient, listened closely, and offered incredible insights into skills and tools I could use to advance my career. She was also always professional and personable at the same time. I couldn’t offer a higher recommendation."

Nancy Guillen
HR Data Analyst

"Sonja's coaching helped me realize my full potential. She has a comforting way about her that teaches you how to be your best self. Sonja also juiced up my resume which helped double the response rate I was getting from my application submissions. She coached me so passionately that I felt she was personally invested in my success. The one-on-one coaching she provided also honed my interviewing skills on every level, even helping me perfect my speaking tone and cadence. My interviewers were impressed!"

Kit Fuderich
Regional Manager
Microsoft TEALS

"Sonja is professional and detailed and through her efforts she added clarity to my career search. She is supportive, positive and easy to talk to and I appreciate the passion she puts into her work and how genuine she is about wanting to help others."

Rachel Lyn Rumson
Sustainability Project Leader,
Cooperative Development Institute

"Sonja helped me prepare my resume and prepare for that first most awkward question in an interview: 'So, tell us a little about yourself.' As my career coach, Sonja had me inventory the best experiences of my life. This helped me to articulate the positive qualities that were essentially me. This exercises was profoundly influential. When I interviewed for the position I have now. I listed my three best qualities with confidence. She also gave me practical tips and behavioral coaching to manage myself in the negotiation conversation. It was an amazing relief to have a specific strategy going in to that conversation."

Angela Radford
Senior Supply Chain Manager

"It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Sonja Price with her consulting service. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Sonja and came to know her as a truly professional career coach. She is honest, dependable and incredibly knowledgeable. Beyond that, she has impressive skills with resume writing, interviewing coaching and salary negotiation. Her knowledge of these subjects was a huge advantage to my career search. She helped me land many interviews which eventually resulted in a job offer aligned with my career path. Along with her undeniable talent, Sonja has always been an absolute joy to work with. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend working with Sonja when it comes to redefining one’s career."

Marketing Project Manager
A Top Tech Company

"After working with Dynamo Careers, I landed a job in the field I wanted to be in, making 30% more than my previous position. Sonja helped me better position myself for the types of jobs I actually wanted, through my resume, cover letter and in my interview prep. I felt much more confident in telling my story in interviews than I had previously."

Kristina Sutherland Rowell Program Manager,
Juno Therapeutics 

"I highly recommend working with Dynamo Careers. It was a career game changer for me. I truly transformed my career path. My current new role is a $50,000 pay increase and I'm working in a field I love! Sonja helped me overhaul my resume, fine tune my interview skills, and laser focus on my strengths and goals. She was a pleasure to work with and I tell everyone I know looking for a career coach to contact her."

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