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The Pivot Point 

This book reveals dozens of life hacks you can use to elevate your mindset, health, image, career, and wealth. Here are just a few things you will uncover:

  • How to counteract the habits that hold you back 
  • What you can do to eliminate the #1 assassin to your health
  • How to decide if you should get a new job (that is more fulfilling) or start your own business
  • Why your shirt color may be sabotaging your career
  • How to network like a pro
  • Why you are struggling financially and how to elevate your wealth
  • …and much, much more

The Infinite Leader

This book (launching in 2021) focuses on how to:

  • Make a greater impact in your work and life - no matter your title or level of responsibility
  • Build organizations that are truly aligned with THE new way to do business (including impactful environmental and social responsible results) 
  • Grow and expand your leaderly presence - so that you can have far-reaching influence with the issues that matter most