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Get Crystal Clear on Your Next Career Move and Exceed Your Expectations

Sonja Price here,
Your Strategic Career Advisor

Are you ready to work with a highly experienced
Career Coach that gets people serious results?

Let me help you find fulfilling work that makes you more money (without selling out on your personal values or sacrificing your work/life balance)!


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Define Your Best Career Path, Make More Money, and Gain REAL Career Satisfaction Without Exhausting Yourself in the Process or Sacrificing Your Personal Values

We have produced significant success
for many clients!!

We've worked with everyone from Executives to Engineers, Architects to Admins. Project Managers, Product Managers, Program Managers, Change Managers. You name it. We've even worked with Hollywood Producers and Olympic Athletes.

"After Sonja reworked my career profile (resume and LinkedIn profile), LinkedIn actually started working for me. It used to be an unknown social media platform, but now recruiters are pursuing me for positions that excite me.
I had no idea how to negotiate before. This time I had the perfect salary negotiation strategy. I landed a job with an initial offer of $45,000/yr more per year. And then I was able to negotiate an additional $4,000 more per year simply by asking a few smart questions.
I now so much more confidence in my career. My investment with Dynamo Careers paid for itself many times over! "

Tony Scartozzi
Business Analyst, Amazon

"“Thanks to Dynamo Careers, I received 2 job offers on the same day after only 3 months of our work together!! I ended up with a new job making $25,000 more per year (which exceeded my initial salary expectations). I had previously applied for A LOT of jobs, but I wasn’t getting contacted. Sonja and her team helped me clarify what I actually wanted to do, then made changes to my resume and LinkedIn profile. I started noticing differences right away. I received calls for way more job interviews. Sonja gently nudged me to go after more ambitious jobs - and then helped me build the confidence I needed. I am so encouraged about the future of my career now! "

Samantha Nakhoul
Marketing & Communications Manager, WatchGuard Technologies

"Sonja helped me realized my true worth (which is A LOT more than before)!! I was mostly happy in my job, but wanted to accelerate my leadership and income potential. I’m a highly accomplished professional, but had been yearning for a better opportunity for several years. Sonja helped me realize I actually wanted to stay with my current organization, but through getting another offer elsewhere, I was able to be more aggressive in negotiating my compensation with my current organization. This coaching process also set me up for a promotion just a few short months later where I received another big pay increase and gained the additional scope of work I desired to accelerate my leadership capabilities."

Bernardo Iturriaga
Principal Engineering Manager, A Top Tech Company

"A few years ago I began having the nagging feeling that my career had hit a dead end. I'd climbed the ladder but no longer found joy in my work, was on the road 8-9 months out of the year, and had lost the drive to succeed that I'd once had. Thanks to Sonja's professional insight, coaching and strategies, I was able to completely reinvent my career and
landed my dream job with a company I truly love. What initially felt like a steep investment has paid off in huge strides. It was worth every penny and way more. I can confidently say I wouldn't have achieved any this without her. I'm excited for the future, it's brighter than ever."

Jennifer Wirrick
Consultant, Slalom Consulting

"I finally achieved my goal of landing a senior leadership role! And I’m doing it with a company I can authentically stand behind. Prior to contacting Dynamo Careers, I had just moved from Sydney and had been searching for a leadership role for 9-10 months. Sonja's background in Executive Coaching was a huge asset for me to accomplish my career goals. Sonja’s experience speaks for itself, especially with what she's helped me to achieve. I received a very attractive compensation package, including the highest title I had aimed for, a competitive base salary, great benefits, and a very rare sign-on bonus. I now have all of this as my foundation to move forward in my career. "

Jonnie Halstead
Senior Director of Business Development, SHWorldwide

We offer a variety of Career Coaching options to help you achieve the
BIG RESULTS you desire in your career

We specialize in Strategic Career Consulting to help you figure out where you could go and then guide you to implement a streamlined action plan to get you there quickly! 

If you're not clear on where you want to go yet, no problem. We have helped countless professionals quickly identify their overarching career direction. We actually require it. If you want to work with us, we will help you nail down your short and long term career goals before we will even begin to write a new resume for you. 

Why? Did you know that only 49% of professionals have clear career goals. That's a pretty sad statistic. It's no wonder that only 33% percent of American workers are engaged in their jobs (Source: Gallup).

At Dynamo Careers, we are known for empowering career professionals to make big jumps in their title, job satisfaction, and income potential. 

One of our biggest differentiating factors (when compared with other career coaches) is that we put our professional expertise to use. Every Dynamo Team Member has a successful track record in their own career. And we use our in-depth knowledge of the career marketplace to help you find the exact right fit for you - not just in terms of title, but with industry, target companies, and a wide range of decision making criteria too. Our goal is to ensure you are actually happy with your career, not just help you land another J-O-B (if you know what I mean). 

Chief Career Strategist
Founder of the Dynamo Career Accelerator

When I first started out in my career, I didn’t have the tools I have now.

Like many professionals I went to college (and then later went to grad school). I have personally spent $140k+ on my education (with a special shout out to student loans - thanks Uncle Sam!!)  

In my younger years, I didn't have a lot of career (or financial) advisement from parents or teachers. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as an "academic adviser" until after I graduated from my undergraduate degree. When I completed college, I had no more clarity on what I would do with my career than when I started. SAD! Can you relate?

After a very very long struggle, I finally landed my first professional job. But about 6 months into my first job, I realized I was paid way below market average, so I mustered my courage and asked for a raise. After a bit of back and forth, my boss agreed to give me a $6,400 pay increase. I was ecstatic! You would have thought I won the lottery. Thankfully that gave me the confidence to always negotiate my pay from then on out.

Within another year in that first job, I was bored to tears and realized I needed to figure out how to position myself for a job with more responsibility and higher pay. I wrote a new resume and rebranded myself as a Product Manager, got a new job, and increased my income by $8,800/per year! 

By this point in my career I had become intrigued with leadership, organizational culture, and team dynamics. I was fascinated by what made some places better to work than others. And I wanted to get into consulting, so I decided to go to grad school and earn an advanced degree. So I racked up some more student debt (as if my undergraduate degree wasn’t enough) and 2 years later I graduated with a Masters in Leadership and Organization Development.

Now I had a Masters degree (sound the trumpets) and thought companies would be lining up to hire me. Nope. Not this time either. I thought I would land a fancy consulting gig right out of grad school. Sadly, that did not happen. Again, I applied and applied, but did not land anything in my desired new field.

So I went back to doing what I was doing before grad school because that was the only way I knew how to position myself at that time, but I had previously learned how to negotiate, so I was able to secure a position making $32,800 more per year than I did before grad school. Oh ya!!

Looking back on this now, I realize I probably could have moved directly into consulting (and likely would have made even more money), I just didn't know how to position myself as a consultant at that time.

But in less than 2 years I had been promoted to run an entire consumer research lab and got another $22,000 raise. The thing about me is that as soon as someone gives me a chance, I can do an amazing job. It was just a matter of being considered for and offered the right opportunity. Can you relate? 

What you don’t know is that I created that leadership opportunity for myself. And now I teach clients how to do the same. Ask me about how to create your own job promotion!!

I've always been pretty good at knowing how to accelerate my career within a specific role, but knowing how to leverage my previous work experience to transition into a new role required something entirely different. I’m so glad I know how to do that now!

I then decided to transition in Business Development. So I revamped my career profile again and landed an amazing job with a very well known Fortune 500 company. This time I started making $11,600 more per year!

A few years later, I finally made my big jump into consulting and was making even better money!! 
This time I landed a job making $46,200 more per year. Boo yah!

With each career move I was able to negotiate a job offer making anywhere from $6,400-$46,200 more per year. AND I was doing exciting work!! 

All these career changes accidentally lead me to become a Career Coach. With each career move, my friends and family were asking me for support to make similar shifts in their career too. And that is how Dynamo Careers got started in 2006.  

Now I spend my days helping clients achieve similar results - often times far greater than what I achieved in own corporate career.

Some of my clients have earned up to $100,000 more per year!!

In addition to achieving a Masters degree in Leadership and Organization Development, I also earned 2 Executive Coaching certifications and a Career Coaching certification too. I finished my 1st book in 2019 and am working toward releasing my 2nd book in 2021.  

Coaching provides me so much joy and fulfillment! I love helping people just like you identify who you want to be when you grow up and how you can make substantial jumps in your own income too!!

If you learn and implement the same tools that both myself and my clients have used to create outrageous success our careers - you too can achieve career clarity and make major shifts in your title, scope, and income too!! 

Check out YOUR options for career coaching here!

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Move Up or Move Out:
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